We all know the story of the caterpillar that enters a cocoon and after a while emerges as a beautiful butterfly. The process is known as metamorphosis which means a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

This afternoon we were praying about the virus and the situation in nation after nation around the world. Everywhere life has shut down. Streets are empty. Stores and restaurants are closed. Businesses and schools have moved to the home. Life as we knew it has come to a halt.

Suddenly we realized that the world has entered a cocoon. We are in a holding pattern, but not without purpose. A metamorphosis is taking place. Just like the caterpillar, the world has entered in one form, but is going to emerge in an entirely different one.

There are probably many things that will be changed forever after this time. There is one that we personally want to see and that is what happens to family. The family, the home, should be the heart of the Church. It shouldn’t just be a place where the people that belong to a church live. It should be the place where “church” is most alive. It should be the place where we grow and mature in the Lord. It should be a powerful point of outreach to those around us.

Everything that the Kingdom of God offers should be flowing in our home. Kingdom Homes should reflect the love, power, and will of our Father. People shouldn’t have to go to a building with us to see the Church in action. They should see it all in our home. And then after they have met Jesus in our living room, they can join with us in corporate coming together.

People should be saved in our living room, healed in our kitchen, and filled with the Spirit on our patio. Our home should be all that we have grown to believe only happens in our church. When our homes are all of this, we will take that power and purpose with us when we join together as a body. The Church will truly astound the world.

That is our heart for this time in the cocoon. May our homes be transformed. May our families come alive in a most powerful way. Now is the time for all of this to happen! Let the metamorphosis continue!

Family Interaction:

Metamorphosis is truly a miracle of God! Today as you gather round your table, study together what happens in the cocoon as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Talk about God’s plan and perhaps why He chose to create butterflies this way. What do you think happens in the life of the caterpillar that is important in its ultimate destiny? Do you think it is important that it must crawl for a season before it can fly? Talk about these things and other things you think of. Have little ones draw pictures of the caterpillar and the butterfly.

Now talk about your home and family. What do you think God is doing during this season? How are each of you changing? What do you think your home might look like when cocoon time is over? What do you want to see remain and what are you looking forward to changing?


Father, thank You for this special season. It appears that things are dormant, but we know Your heart and we know You are working powerfully in this hour. Thank You for the changes that are being made. Thank You for the miracle of metamorphosis. Help us to hear You and to know Your will for each of us and for our family. We pray that we will be changed during this season into more of what You designed us to be.

And we pray for the nations, Father, that they too may be changed in this season. May more and more people come to know Your plan for them. May more and more people enter into a strong, abiding relationship with Jesus. And may all of us learn to hear the voice of Your Holy Spirit more clearly for the days ahead. Let us not waste our time in the cocoon, but may it be a powerful, transformational time in our lives. Amen!